Jul 2022

TOPS Night 2022

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Dec 2021

high school

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Jun 2021

The essence of quantum computing

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Apr 2021

21 Failures for the First 21% of 2021

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Jun 2020

Brain Changing Effects of Exercise

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Jun 2020

The Flaws of First Past the Post

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Other films

Smaller projects I'm proud of

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A video I made for my friend's birthday

When: October 2021

Time taken: 10-15 hours over 2-3 days

Created with: After Effects

AeroPure: Youth Impact Challenge 2021 submission

When: August 2021

Time taken: ~9 hours over 1 day (for editing the video only, the idea was developped before)

Created with: Adobe Animate, Premiere Pro

What is a Quantum GAN? [presentation]

An unedited live presentation I gave about quantum generative adversarial networks.

When: August 2021

Time taken: 8 hours over 1-2 days? Can't remember super clearly.

Created with: Photoshop

You Suck at Stoicism

Parody of You Suck at Cooking

When: August 2021

Time taken: 10 hours over a week? Something like that?

Created with: Premiere Pro, After Effects