Ok but principles are just are flowery words, what do you do?

Those projects seem to be from months ago. What are you actually doing now?

You don't seem very impressive.

Gosh, this is what identity capitalism is gonna make me do? Fine. I'll brag.

  • Selected as 1 of 100 people to be an Atlas Fellow, receive a $50k scholarship, go on an all-expenses-paid 2-week trip
  • Self-taught full-stack developer. Didn't take webdev courses beyond HTML/CSS, just figured stuff out as I build projects
  • Directed the filming + editing of a two-hour video recording of a school concert. 150+ hours of work
  • Self taught at filmmaking too. 3D animation and visual effects and everything else
  • Learnt French from A2/B1-ish to C1 level in 4 months (also self-taught)
  • Self-studied quantum mechanics at 15 and got a softeng internship @ quantum computing company

nvm. this is a drain on my soul. ∄ no more bragging on any other section of this website.