temporarily taking down this page because i find the past "about me" i wrote to be TOO CRINGE!

why is it that i find 80% of my past projects to be cringe? i guess this is the price of improving your taste.

maybe i should hold back from writing about me's unless i'm committed to rewriting them every few months.

woefully oversimplified summary of my life:

  • age 0-14: child that read physics books and sci-fi/fantasy novels. and dreamt of being a youtuber.
  • 14-16 (like 2020 to 2022): wannabe tech bro. got good at programming and idolized sf.
  • august 2022 to july 2023: wannabe rationalist who idolized ... yudkowsky? kind of?
  • august 2023 to dec 2023: nERD who read real analysis textbooks and worked on proofs in the library like 10 hours a day
  • jan 2023 to now (feb 2023) math is cool but i dunno i wanna be an engineer again and build things >:) but no more programming it's gonna be hardware this time.

at each stage of my life i found the past version of me to be cringe. hence, remaking the personal website being a routine task.