things i appreciate about uli's setup

By Laura Gao • 2 min read
July 2023
  • vim vscode things. oh yeah before wiping i should probs copy the settings.json
  • vim is default mode in terminal?
  • nvim is p cool
  • super+enter opens terminal, super+shift+w chrome, super+arrow key splits screen, super+m toggles whether window is maximized
    • open laptop then click super+shift+w right away does wonders??? these are life efficiency optimizations you don't realize till you have them. like before this, on my windows laptop, i would be doing super+r then type "chrome.exe" to open chrome anyways. like i already liked using the keyboard more and defaulted to it. this just. makes that. more efficient. every. single. time. you open your laptop
    • also im realizing i use terminal more than file GUI file explorer on autopilot of terminal takes less friction to open lmfao. #buildhabitswithfriction (the atomic habits idea)
    • other things i can do in this vein: shortcut for opening obsidian? (lmao actually i dont rlly even use obsidian anymore i just use vim editor...) what other apps do i use often? a shortcut for vscode maybe. is that necessary given code . in terminal exists? maybe worth implementing and like. seeing whether i use it by default.
  • super + {1, 2, 3, 4} for switching between desktops (but maybe i like ubuntu or macos' desktop switcher more)
  • leechblock is kinda nice (prevents default slip into distraction mode kinda, more friction building habits. copy leechblock whitelist before wiping)
  • the bookmark titled "obvious advice"
  • the chrome extension that blocks yt recs and makes it look nice
  • the chrome extension that like speeds up videos to like 4x or however fast you want
  • probably some other chrome extensions, look through them
  • defaulting to open toggl track on chrome
  • make discord leechblock like 20 seconds lauraaaa
  • super+r chatgpt!! more useful if it was perplexity or metaphor lol
  • ublock origin chrome ext

i am probably wiping this laptop soon. these things i would want to include in my own linux setup at first.

lol tbh if i switch to ubuntu and have a low friction way of setting up custom keyboard shortcuts, probs a pareto improvement over current setup. like beginner linux user you rlly should not be on arch, harder to find support and wacky ass package managers and lots of bugs when i try to install new packages and i have no idea where to start troubleshooting

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