invisible costs are dangerous

By Laura Gao • 4 min read
April 2023

i walk out the irish pub and bar and i was gonna pull out my wallet, slap a ten on the table and covering the fries. but then it felt awkward and. imagine the warmth u feel when ppl are kind to u about money, a small gesture, bro that gave me 20 bitclout to get started, archi dont worry about it. increasing the likelihood theyd feel warm abt maybe future $, and how i forgot to etransfer archi back last time. smh i really need to take archi out one day. imagine the signal u send when covering someone elses shit as a broke student, the implicit curriculum that this is a value that is core to u. godfcuking damn it i really should've.

the difference between going to sollo berkeley and staying here is thst the costs of the former are visible, the latter invisible. the arguments with dad, the ++ fallout with ms oliver, the marks thatll drop, the legal liability in the back of my head and i am fucking not lying to galen fuck you this lying new wave cannot spread to this circle, the way that imaginary people in my head tell me that im crazy. of the latter, it's what couldve been. the future mentor i couldve bumped into at the wework, the potential friend at a bar, the potential ais learning and a technical field that id love for a few years. the way i couldve talked to yudhi late night 1 on 1 and id almost be surprised if this doesnt happen more than once, how by default id get closer with galen and uli, the swimsuit adventure or baking competition or hot tub hot seat we wouldve played, or some other crazy shit we could laugh at 10 years later. one of these people will introduce me to a tool i cant stop using, recommend me to a startup, take me to my first party, push me to finish that youtube video, show me how to knit or skydive or some hobby that id love, or teach me a third of multivar in a night. id learn abt ais and wtv and build intuition abt professional settings thr way michal dpeaks at the bar so openly ant unwritten rules. in a few months id present at a conference hosted by someone id met here, where id get recruited. didnt atlas come from a 45 min call with chris lakin, who came from davide tryna get me to go to sf? didnt tks come from one night volunteering at tops event? didnt zapata come from dan knowing pierre luc? the way that michal and davide and chris and elias and samson each singlehandedly changed my life, directly or indirectly, in a way thst i couldnt even imagine before meeting them, some with a single action they probably dont know about. who knows where I'll meet the next one? atlas was a series of unlikely coincidences since elias' presentation, the presentation then mafia then chris. m&t was too, probably sigil doing breakthrough and samantha's chem in aeropure and deciding to pay $20 for a chance to visit the US for the first time, at 23:49 of the due date. these are my best 2 legible achievements and they would have 90% not have happened if it weren't for cool people i respect that for whatever reason god knows what decided to invest in me, be my friend, nominate me, act as a mentor figure. sollo is 90% gonna be a catalyst like this.

opportunities multiply as they are seized - sun tzu

invisible costs are the most dangerous because they go unnoticed.

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