sollo berkeley finances // may 2023

By Laura Gao • 3 min read
April 2023

something feels bad about spending $ without an income. like it's just uncapped burn?

maybe this'd feel better w a budget. at least this is capped burn.

sollo berkeley i wanna keep under 3k. 750 is rent. 300 is burn money i can do wtv no qs asked. $400 for social things, more would have to come from burn money. $40 for altruistic purposes.

fligh id wanna keep under 500. (nope undoable let's say aim for 600, but 700 max)

food (nonsocial) les j say 70/week = 300/month.

transportation id give like fuck ubers. i would bart/bike. id give 100 for (group) ubers and 150 for bart transport. (can be underesimae.) more would be from burn money?? hm idk if that is reasonable. ok feels under so. eh more would be if i fucking fail on ime and have o individually uber, or if i wanna ravel o ucla or sd or sana monica. so had be burn money. so his is 250.

gym membership id give i 60. ugh can be more bc init fee.

phone plan and w sim card i'll say EV 50 but might be up to 70.

i would budget so ik where i went over.

ok that adds up to 2750. sure. ok id wanna x1.1 for cushion. 3025.

penaly for going over budget is i somewhat lose integrity in myself if it was human error. or if budget was unrealisic in first place, good data for future.

is this how i wanna burn my atlas money

roughly atlas money id wanna spend it on

  • living
  • projects/hardware (arduino, wood, vr headset)/upgrading laptop/film equipment
  • tuition

proportions of 3 would vary (ex gapping w alright job and side gig vs gapping w startup or gapping w side projects or going to school for 4 years) for living, i am comfortable with spending 5-10k/year (non-uni years) on living. 5-10 depends on whether id uni or not (if i go to uni id give like max 20k to tuition). if in 4-5 years i still cant pay for living costs comfrotably then idk what im doing (not worth the security net that far out to sacrifice current shit anymore).

id expect like 1-3 years with living support would be enough. and rest projects.

so 5-10k this year. (no ur not fine w higher u want $ in later years too stop the excuses. yes in future years even if i can pay to live, 5-10k to work on projects burn for a year or 2 is fucking dope wtf)

id feel comfortable with 2k burn on summer travels (id probably afterwards settle at ascension or bangalore or sth longer term and wont move around for another at least 3ish months but probs half a year to a year if bangalore. 3k is 30-60% so stretching it but the most id take. the rest would have to be like, earnt during the time there.)

i guess i dont feel comfortable with this 3k burn on 1 month bc it's 30%-60% of my atlas budget for this year or smtn.

update 1 week later: actually now i feel like comfortable with it. bc i have a few job prospects. and if i go to uni then im like good financially (it's 5k per semester for everything), and i'll still have some room to like buy my own stuff. if i gap i will 80% be doing it on salary and not atlas burn.

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