your sweater sits unworn in my closet

By Laura Gao • 2 min read
June 2023

what sadness looks like, in one picture:

human relations are so ephemeral

she replies,

so u have to hang onto the ones u really really value
or else they're just gonna slip away

i dont want you to slip away forever :(
i'm scared

i write this, knowing that there is a decent probability that we will.

i think u have naturally good synergy with a lot o fppl
and each one is veyr distinct

always carrying a part of them
in ur mmeory

I had this realization again yesterday that most of my close friends (and like 80% of crushes) are like, u meet them for 2 weeks at some camp and ur vibes are great and I love them and we want to stay in touch, but 2 weeks is never enough and we go to different corners of the world and maybe we won't see each other for a few months or years when we happen to be in the same city. and then maybe ur vibes are not the same. and u try to hold onto how it once felt but you can't force a vibe. Or maybe u have like, a few days tgt when ur travelling. the joy of human connection is ephemeral

travelling has always been assoc w this ephemeralness of human connection. this playlist is about: the rat camps i loved before. the people i fell in love with, platonically or more, for a week or two, before never seeing them again. the cities ive been in for 4 days.

thank you, j and n and u and u, for being in my thoughts as i write this

i miss you

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