cool things i have read

By Laura Gao • 3 min read
July 2023

non exhaustive list, i have probably read on the order of 100 blog posts i wanna link, so i'll link them gradually when i think of them

have changed my worldview significantly, and when i read it:

  • the elon musk series by waitbutwhy (grade 8, 2019)
  • the lesson to unlearn, what you'd wish you'd known by paul graham (grade 10, 2020)
  • peter thiel's religion by david perell (grade 10?, 2021?)
  • the enchiridion by epictetus, that buddhist book i forgot its name (grade 10 summer, 2021)
  • meditations on moloch by slatestarcodex (grade 11, 2022)
  • worldviews of some humans. naman. damon. emotions contain information era (2023)

writing guides

  • david perell's 50 days of writing. and just his general ideas. i binge read his essays like no tomorrow during 2021-2022. and i just in general kinda absorbed his way of thinking during this time period (wrt writing and life.)
  • lazy, stupid, and mean. by jim pryor
  • julian shapiro's writing guide. specifically i love the "rewriting" and "style" sections <333


  • JACKIE LIU ART her youtube videoss


  • ben kuhn outliers
  • ben kuhn staring into the abyss
  • looking for alice
  • hot


  • richard hamming's talk
  • our perception of love is messed up (yt video) (or maybe this was 2021)
  • david perell: the humanity advantage, the taste article (laura should find the link sometime, idt you can find the link of these by searching bc they were newsletters)

moloch adjacent bullshit:

  • finite and infinite games
  • integrity for consequentialists
  • functional decision theory, that post by nicky case

philosophy era, take 2:

  • clifford's famous piece i forgot its name
  • the will to believe
  • aristotle's nichomachean ethics (just do the right thing it's a vibe <3)


  • navalmanack <3

discipline era:

  • do the real thing by scott young
  • tkp podcast with nir eyal
  • tkp podcast with seth godin
  • the next big idea podcast with nir eyal

2020, tks initiation era

  • serendipity post by david perell
  • tkp podcast with naval ravikant

(again, the years are when i read the stuff, not when they were published.)

  • - samson default typedown editor
  • - samson says this is so pretty
  • - figma but 3d
  • - tool for generating color palettes from rishi color palette from

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