how to contact me

By Laura Gao • 1 min read
August 2023

discord (@laurva) is probably the best place to msg me (?) i check discord daily-ish and i read every msg i get within 24h of receiving it (altho i dont always respond uh read this first: /babble/ghosting)

u can email me (gaolauro at gmail dot com) & i also check that like a few times a week but replying to emails is so much pain lmao

u can also dm me on twitter (@laurgao)

i don't enjoy scheduled zoom calls. i enjoy irl meetups! if ur in tokyo in aug or philly from sept onwards ... ;))

leave a msg for laura

i respect your emotional rawness. keep introspecting, maybe a little less inspirational quote posting...

msgs are anonymous. optionally leave ur name & discord (or other contact info) if u want me to respond