seeking comfort on autopilot is dangerous

By Laura Gao • 1 min read
April 2023

so j now i was all motivated and gonna pump out those 3 blog posts and write the descrip of the babble page i see it so clearly in my head, then i can do cinderella's dead 30s vid then espr app then uni vid discussion then mega long hs reflection + video. i jump out my bed. my thumb on the home button of my galaxy j7, a discord notif so i scroll up and read the latest msg on aoc, robert asking galen about some lesswrong post about a tree diagram. my thumb swipes right to check for any other unreads in servers i lurk, KSJDKFJSDKKSDFD i slap my thumb. the phone slips out of my hand. fuck you. gosh. INSTANT passivity/seeking comfort mind state.

so THIS is how i spend 3 hours scrolling insta reels sitting on the toilet before showering. sth sth avoid that just now bc paying attn to my internal state/feelings @harry

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i respect your emotional rawness. keep introspecting, maybe a little less inspirational quote posting...

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